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Use Cases

Find out, what use Node-RED can have for your company or cause.

Member Area

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Membership Service Overview of PLUS for Node-RED

Here are some examples of our services if you are a member.

Issue Tracking

Redmine Issue Service

Our Redmine issue tracking cloud service is perfect to track issues, which are not technical.


Early Access Open Source

Our Gitea Source Code Management cloud service is perfect to track technical issues and to give insights to pre-releases of our Open Source development for @plus4nodered packages.

Docker Hub

Special Secured Docker Images

Our Docker Hub cloud service is perfect to provide individual and secured images for Docker and to give insights to pre-releases of our Open Source development for @plus4nodered container images.


Online E-Books for Modbus, OPC UA and more

Our secured e-book cloud service is perfect to provide e-book sharing for @plus4nodered documentations, tutorials and examples in detail.

What is PLUS for Node-RED?


PLUS for Node-RED is your point of contact for the community around Node-RED and IIoT.

We provide continous high-quality support for our partners and the community itself with contributions and support. Whether german or english, we guarantee detailed and informative documentation and tutorials for your needed packages.

PLUS for Node-RED checks existing Node-RED packages for the business sector and gives you clear directions, which package is the right one for your specific needs. Saving you time and work.

All according the principle:
Do it once, do it effectively and do it as a community.


We want to give some back to the community!

If you have something everyone would need, like a documentation for your favorite package which is up to date and well maintained, we will give you a place to distribute your creation to either the premium members or the community members for a bit in return!

Tell us what you have and we can negotiate a price with you! You will remain the owner of your creation!

Be part of an active community which helps every active member!

Be part of our Community!

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